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Monday, March 9, 2015

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What a week it's been. I don't even know where to start!

Hermana Graham went home. I miss her dearly!! It was SO different when she left....made me pretty sad for a few days. She's a tough presence to fill! But it's ok. I'll see her soon! I just miss her so much! She's really inspired me to be better and to make this last transfer the best.

My new companion is Hermana Hopwood. She's sweet! She's been out for about 11 months, and this is her third area. She just came from Lexington. She's from Colorado. Nice girl!

The day after Hermana Graham left, a HUGE snow storm rolled in. We got about a foot of snow, and all day Thursday we weren't allowed to use our car. So we walked around, as far as we could go, in a foot of snow to try and find people to teach. It was good! The only thing that frustrated me though is that we couldn't go to the other half of the area we took over from the Spanish Elders. I was feeling really frustrated that we couldn't go meet all the investigators and less-actives they've been working with; I felt pretty stuck.

We spent the first few days organizing the two area books, going through formers, organizing like crazy. You know how I get when I get to cleaning and organizing stuff. My poor companion probably thinks I'm crazy haha. When I get doing something my way, I get a little lost in it. But we have most of it all organized and cleaned up, so I feel a little better. Eventually we made it out of the house and got to use the car again, and we finally met all the new people. We have been talking to people like crazy and meeting people all over the place. So many Hispanics!!! I love it!!! There is PLENTY of work to do here these next few weeks!

Guess what! I went on an exchange with the Lexington Hermanas, and one of them is the brand new Hermana Imlay! :D She and I talked about Hurricane a bit. She told me when she met you, Mom haha. She's great. :) She'll be just fine out here. I'm excited to see where her mission takes her! I'm glad I got to work with her once before I go!

The work is really on fire here, and we're excited about it. Nancy came to church for the third time yesterday, and her daughter and son-in-law came to visit from Ohio. It was fantastic! Please keep her in your prayers; she's struggling to quit coffee, so we're working hard with her. We also are working with lots of other wonderful people. I'm excited to see what else happens this transfer.

I've really determined not to think about the end of this transfer. I'm working hard, giving it all I have and giving the Lord whatever else I have left to consecrate. Hermana Graham really inspired me, and I'm excited to work hard and give it what I have these next few weeks. Lots of hard work coming up, but I'm ready for it! Here we go!

Love you all! Read the Book of Mormon!

Hermana Porter

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