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Monday, November 24, 2014

Tender Mercies & Deer Meat

What a week!

I'm so grateful for good leaders. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm so grateful for the Gospel!!! 

This last week was full of tender mercies for me. I was struggling a lot at the beginning of the week, especially Wednesday. I was feeling really sad and depressed again, so when the Sister Training Leaders came in for exchanges, I was so grateful to be able to talk to Hermana Graham about it all. She helped me out a TON. She and I relate in so many ways. She let me cry it all out and helped me realize I wasn't being a bad missionary for feeling sad. She helped me get working again to take my mind off of things. We found tons of great new investigators and had some fantastic lessons with some less-active members. She's one of the reasons I am grateful for good leaders!

Other tender mercies from this last week: 

- We had Zone Conference in Evansville this last Friday. Guess who was there? The grief counselors/mental health advisers I've been talking to for the last month or so. They came in all the way from Georgia to be at our Zone Conference. I got to have a nice little chat with them. It was nice to put a face to the voice! President and Sister Brough also took extra time to see how I was doing and really made me feel loved. Again, I'm SO grateful for good leaders who really love me. (The Conference itself was awesome too. Except I forgot we had to inspect our car beforehand and clean it. Our dark gray car didn't get washed last week because it had been snowing/raining all week. You can imagine how pretty it looked haha.) 

- Brother Fedor, our branch mission leader, tipped us off to the need of a less-active member named Misty earlier in the week. He said she had texted his wife, saying she was having a rough day and needed prayers. He called us and asked us to go over and see her. We ran home, grabbed a plate of cupcakes I had made just that morning, and went to see her. She let us in, and we started cleaning her apartment for her. I did the dishes while Hermana Bennett swept the floor. Misty was so grateful. She was really overwhelmed. She has 3 kids all under the age of 3 right now. One was just born a month ago. She thanked us so much for helping her with something as small as doing the dishes. 

- Also, our branch mission leader's youngest daughter Joni just got home from her mission in Chile this last week! She's been coming with us to lessons to help us teach, and what a blessing it is! She speaks awesome Spanish and really knows how to teach the lessons. She's going to be a big help for us!

I am grateful for so much in my life, and not just because it's Thanksgiving week! The Lord really has shown me His love day after day, and I couldn't ask for more. Just when I think I've hit the bottom, He sends help and strength. I hope you all are noticing blessings in your lives as well. 'Tis the season! Count your blessings and give all you can give to show your gratitude. I'm so grateful for all y'all taking care of my family back home. Just know you are in every single one of my prayers! 

I thought I'd end this email on kind of a funny note. We went to see a new investigator on Saturday afternoon, and when we walked in, she was at the kitchen sink ripping apart a deer. We about died. She had a trash bag full of deer guts and then offered us some. We couldn't say no, so she loaded us up with a nice bag of deer meat. She was picking the hair off of it as she put in the bag. We ended up calling Elder Fleener (Elder "Alaska" who eats caribou and moose!!!) to come and take it since he likes that kind of stuff. haha. #onlyinkentucky

Anywho, keep being awesome!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for yall! P.S. Transfers are on December 9th, and I think I'll be getting transferred. Probs don't write any letters to my Owensboro address after the 3rd. :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Porter

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