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Monday, December 1, 2014

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I had quite the week!

First of all, let me share with you all the little miracle I experienced this week. I shall call it "The Miracle of the Wisdom Tooth." SO. I went in to go get my root canal done on a tooth on Tuesday, and I had blocked out our schedule for the day just in case I was dead in the afternoon. I went in, and they did a couple tests, and they came back and said, "Well, good news! You don't have a root canal! But we do need to pull your wisdom tooth."

After all the wisdom tooth horror stories I've can imagine the look on my face and the feelings I was feeling at that moment. SO unprepared!!!

I told him to go ahead and do it, so he numbed me up, let me sit for 20 minutes, and then came in to pull my tooth. I braced myself, waiting to die....and 3 minutes later I was up, wisdom tooth out, gauze in my mouth and ready to go. They gave me extra gauze, told me not to drink out of a straw and sent me on my way. 

This entire week I have had ZERO pain and ZERO swelling. It's a Christmas miracle!!!! I'm considering this a big blessing of being a missionary haha. Maybe I should get all of them pulled... Juuuust kidding!

I was able to go to the Pie Party at our branch president's house on Wednesday night, and then I got to eat a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner at the Beckners'. :) It was a good week! Plus we were able to get quite a bit of work done. The Capeners invited us over for some really fun Thanksgiving games that night. I decided I'm going to do Thanksgiving games from now on! Smart idea! 

Then yesterday we got to go to a baptism in Evansville, and our investigator Fernando came! It was great! One of the baptisms was a hispanic man, and Fernando was so intrigued by the way we get baptize. He was asking all sorts of questions and really felt the Spirit. I know he did. I'm so excited for him to get baptized soon. Hopefully in January!! I was so happy that he got to experience that yesterday. Nothing like a baptism to bring in the Spirit! It was powerful.

I have been so blessed to be here in Owensboro. I love all the families here and all of the investigators we have. I'm grateful for everything about my mission!! Transfer calls are this Saturday, and I have a feeling I'm getting transferred into my final area, so I will keep you posted next Monday. I can't believe I only have 3 transfers left...yuck!!!! I need at least another year! ;) just kidding mom....

Anyway, keep being awesome yall. Keep writing/emailing me....I'm progressively getting less and less letters/ would think I was getting older in the mission or something! ;) I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

The Church is true! I know it! Share it with EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Hermana Porter

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