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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peaches, Root Canals, and Pancakes

What a week! (I say that every week, don't I?) 

Lots of things have happened this week. First of all, an update on the M&MTC: not a lot of people came this last week unfortunately. We had a class about the Book of Mormon. It wasn't our best class, but on Sunday we were invited to branch council, and the entire meeting was focused on missionary work. So they're learning something! We were so excited. People even brought friends to church! :D We're working working working to get everyone going, and I think they're starting to get excited. We're working on a branch mission plan together, and we also made a Focus 15 list for the members to go visit. I love it when branch councils take initiative and the missionaries don't have to be naggy. haha. I love these people though. :) 

Second off, I went to the dentist in Huntingburgh on Thursday. The senior couple in our district (The Fullmers are AMAZING!!! I love senior couples!) drove us out there. The dentist told me that I didn't have a cavity, but he thinks it is a root canal.... UGH! I brush my teeth every daaaay... I don't really know what to do now! He told me to keep an eye on it these next couple of weeks, and if it gets worse, he says to come right in and get it fixed. But man, root canals are expensive! I feel bad! I don't really know what to do. It definitely is a root canal, I can feel it. We'll see. Maybe by magic it'll turn into a perfect, glorified, resurrected tooth and I'll never have problems with it ever again. 

We also had exchanges this week. We actually do blitzes with the STLs out here since we're so far away from Shelbyville/Louisville, so all four of us were working here in one day. We got a LOT done. Hermana Arancibia is awesome. She gets work done! I love it! She emailed me today to tell me "You'll be taking over this part of the Lord's vineyard soon, that's for sure." Yikes. Don't tell me that! Let me train first and then we'll worry about that! 

I did feel bad though because we asked the STLs to bring their bikes...and then Hermana Arancibia's got stolen! Hermana Luke and Hermana Binks strapped their bikes onto the back of our car, and someone STOLE it off the bike rack! They broke our bike rack and everything. But some guy that they contacted came up to them and GAVE them his $300 bike that had a flat tire. How awesome!! So at least she has a bike! :) 

We had a big Pioneer Day celebration in the park on Saturday with the branch. It was a pancake breakfast. "Grandpa" brought his band with him, so that was fun. They sang a lot of Johnny Cash haha. We invited 3 random people who were walking around the pavilion to join us! They were so cool! One was Tom, and he sang in the band for a bit! Then Joan kept riding around in her motorized wheelchair to invite even more people to the party. Talk about being a good missionary! And she's not even a member yet! The elders got their numbers and are going to see them. Unfortunately none of them were Mexican so we didn't get any new investigators. Oh well! 

I gave a talk in Church yesterday about pioneers. I think it went pretty well, except I was running on 2 hours of sleep. The night before, Hermana Luke decided to tell me the worst story in the world about an experience the elders next door had a transfer ago.... I really don't want to repeat it because I want to keep the Spirit in this email. But needless to say, I was up all night and didn't fall asleep until 4:30 am. So you can imagine how lovely I looked/felt on Sunday. :) 

Also. I had the BEST peach cream pie in the WORLD this week. SO GOOD. I'll make it for yall someday! 

So that was my week! Just learning, working and building my testimony. Whenever I feel like I'm plateauing in my learning, the Lord throws me a curve ball that helps me get back on the upward climb. I love the mission, I really do. I can't wait to see what happens these next few months. Transfer calls are on Saturday! Wonder what'll happen!! 

I love you all! Thank you for your support and love! Write me!!!

Hermana Porter

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