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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Hellllooooooo everyone!

Guess what! Hump week is OVER! Now I'm just going to work work work and pretend like I still have another 18 months ahead of me. (I WISH.)

This last week was pretty eventful. We had another M&MTC class, and it was really inspiring and spiritual. I really hope these members are getting excited about missionary work. I've been flipping through "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christensen on p-days (we do laundry at our branch mission leader's house, and they have a copy of it), which is the book that our class is based on. I am convinced that every member needs to read this book and apply it. It's AMAZING. Tells us exactly how we can be every day missionaries. We're going over the principles taught in it, and I feel like it's working. I just want these people to catch the vision about missionary work. It's amazing!

We also had interviews with our mission president this last Thursday. That was fun. The training by the APs was....weird. But I liked my interview with President Brough! He's so enthusiastic and full of energy about this work! He's great! Our interview was short, but I really needed to hear what he told me. He said I was meant to be here in Owensboro for a reason and that there are people here who are waiting to meet me, people that no other missionaries could reach for whatever reason. He says there are people here that I will baptize and help. I really needed to hear that!

The APs also inspired us when they said that the work here in Owensboro is going to explode. They told us that President Woodbury had a dream that the Owensboro branch would one day become a "thriving" ward -- the biggest one in the state of Kentucky. I got chills when I heard that. Let's get to work!!

In other news, I have a cavity! But there is a wonderful Bishop in Jasper who's a dentist, and he said he would fix the filling for free. I was so happy when I heard that. I'm so grateful! Tender mercies all over the place.

ALSO. We're supposed to be getting iPads in the next few months. I'm not sure when my mission is going to get them, but they did say we would have to pay for them ourselves. They're $400. Shnikes.

We had a really frustrating lesson this week with a guy. He told us we were wrong, and that he feels sad whenever he sees/hears people preaching false things, and he feels it's his place to tell them the truth. He also said he believes the Bible is 100% correct and all we need to know to get to Heaven is in there. He even said if he died tomorrow, he knows he's going to heaven. (I thought Jesus and Heavenly Father were the ones that decided that??) He was just super belittling and trying to be nice about it. He said he read the first few pages of the Book of Mormon and says everything in it contradicts what the Bible says. We were just blown away. We testified of the Book of Mormon being the word of God along with the Bible and that this Church was true. Then, after he'd been talking for like 5-10 minutes straight, my companion goes, "Well, that's of the devil." and we said a prayer and left. I DIED. She is so funny! But yeah. Keep frustration out of the work.

We did have a great lesson with Erasmo last night though. He told us he feels unworthy for Church and baptism and is afraid of getting baptized because he thinks he's going to fall afterward. It was a tender experience. We testified to him of the Atonement and the power of forgiveness. I love the Spirit. He gives us the sweetest feeling ever and testified of truth. Erasmo's going to be just fine. He's got some things to fix, but he's willing and ready to go. We're going to baptize him on September 6th.

Well, that is it my friends! The work continues! I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support and love. Also, thank you LaRue Heaton for your letter! I really needed it! I have been reading the notes over and over all week and sharing them with other missionaries. It's been a good week.


Hermana Porter

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