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Monday, September 29, 2014

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First off, I like birthdays on the mission! I got a card from my friend Dean in Germany and then a package from my family! Best package ever!!!! :) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I feel loved :) To celebrate today, we went and did laundry (boy do I feel like an adult), ate cupcakes with the Fedors, and now we're emailing. The Capeners are making me Cafe Rio tonight! And then we have a few teaching appointments. Fun day! 

So this week! What happened... LOTS!! First, we had a blitz with the hermana training leaders. Hermana Arancibia went home, so now it's Hermana Binks and Hermana Graham. I LOVE HERMANA GRAHAM!!! She is AWESOME! I am SO glad we had the exchange that we had together! She and I are going to be BFFs after the mish (hiking, photo shoots, etc). She is the BEST example and so great at missionary work. She answered a lot of the questions and concerns I've been having lately without me even asking. She is so in tune with the spirit and a go-getter. She knows how to do missionary work! I just LOVED working with her! I want to be someone like that. We talked to tons of people that day and had a great time. 

In the spirit of what I learned that day, I determined that we needed to be contacting more. I haven't put an emphasis on contacting at all during my mission, but Hermana Graham told me something that got me pumped about it. The promise is that if we talk to 20 people a day (among other things) our baptisms will double. We need that here in Owensboro right now! This last week we almost got 80 contacts. We're still working on getting 20 a day obviously, but that's the most I've gotten so far on my mission. We're on our way up! Exact obedience yall! 

Then we had interviews on Thursday with President Brough. He's amazing! I walked into the room with him, and he explained how our entire life is an upward climb, and although we may have steep drops now and then, we always end up higher on the climb than when we started. Then he said, looking right at me, "Hermana Porter, you will not be perfect in this life." We went on to talk about perfection and how we have this entire life to become better. He knew exactly what I needed...

The Gospel is true!!

OH! And guess what WE got to watch this week!! MEET THE MORMONS!! Just sayin, you all need to go see it when it comes out. We got to see it earlier since we as missionaries will not be allowed to go to the theatre when it's released (IF it's released in our area). It's AMAZING. I started off laughing at the beginning and bawling at the end end.

P.S. You missionary moms may want to wait to see it. Or at least take your tissues for the end because the last person in the movie is a mom sending her son on a mission. You'll cry :) 

Women's Conference was great! And I'm excited for General Conference too! We've been challenging everyone in the branch to create a list of questions you may have before Conference, and then as you listen to Conference, you will find answers to a lot of the questions you have. It works! I challenge you all to do it! Will you commit to making a list of questions/concerns you may have for General Conference? GREAT! :) I promise you will receive answers/inspiration!

That's my busy week! Our investigators are doing well. We're finding a lot of new people. We just need to get them progressing....what's hard about this area is that we are in an English branch, so as soon as we invite an investigator to church and they find out it's English, they don't want to go. I translate in Church, and I tell them that, but we've had a hard time getting people there lately. We're working hard! 

Lots of work to do everywhere!!!! Let's hasten the work!!! 

OH! AND! I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish today! I love that book. Truest book there is. Those prophets and people of God did exactly what I want to do: proclaim the truth to everyone I meet! Let's all do it! 


Hermana Porter 

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