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Monday, October 6, 2014

Back in Boots

It's FREEZING again!! THIS is the mission I remember from a year ago! Brrrr! But in other news, I get to wear my boots again! I'm going to be sending home quite a few pairs of broken shoes and just stick with my boots this winter. Also, we have no AC unit in our apartment, which means no heat....This will be an interesting winter. I just went and bought myself a couple fleece throws. Wish us luck. :S

General Conference was this weekend! It was fantastic! On Saturday morning all 6 of us missionaries went to the church, but we soon discovered that the satellite in the church wasn't working.... So we quickly ran over to the Capeners' and watched it there. Sister Capener is adorable! She set up a Conference Store (a table full of treats, juice, notebooks, markers, toy cars, etc.) and handed out Conference Cash to anyone who could answer questions about the talks. It was so cute! I bought a juice pack and Nerds. :) 

My favorite talk seems to be everyone's favorite talk: the one by Jorg Klebingat. Wow! It was amazing! I just listened to it again. Those are 6 wonderful principles I need to remember, especially in making sure I'm listening to the right voice. I liked the story he included about the sister missionary he was talking to. Sometimes we get so caught up in things and think we aren't worthy to stand in the presence of God. Of course we aren't -- we aren't perfect...yet! But as long as we're trying our best, He will help us and make sure we are confident in our standing before Him. It's a process! 

Sunday morning....what.a.morning! We had an investigator AND two hispanic members come to the chapel to watch conference! Our branch president hooked up the church's family history computer and streamed conference through it the night before, but the problem was....there were also 3 English-speaking members there. We had to put it in English then, and there was no way to get Spanish subtitles or anything... So I had to translate the entire session on my own. Talk about intimidating! Having to translate for apostles of God AND the prophet! I wanted to cry when I found out I had to do it, but I could feel the Spirit speaking through me during certain talks. I have NO idea what happened in the Sunday morning session (I'm listening to it right now online to catch up) because you literally just translate the words you are hearing and nothing processes, but I remember saying 3 phrases over and over again: Prophets, prayer, and personal revelation. Perfect! I think our investigator really needed it. He'll be getting baptized in November. :) 

That was my big adventure of the weekend. I love General Conference. How blessed we are to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth again. How even more blessed we are that we can hear from them in a conference every 6 months! The Lord knows our needs and inspires those men and women to say exactly what we need to hear. Study them all yall! ¡Qué bendición! 

We've been pretty blessed this last week with more progressing investigators. We have 5 progressing now! They all have lots of potential! Two have baptismal dates, and we're going to set more dates with the rest this week. :) As we've strived to be even more obedient, the Lord has blessed us. I love being a missionary!!! 

I hope everyone is doing well at home! Thanks for all your support and love! 

Hermana Porter

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