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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Hello everyone!

Can I just say I am so grateful for life? Sometimes I just wonder why Heavenly Father is so wonderful and giving. Even in hard times, He's so merciful. We just have to notice His tender mercies everywhere we look.

We had a great week! Eric got baptized on Saturday. It was a small but beautiful service. I think he thinks we're not coming back to teach him cause he was freaking out on Sunday about when we're coming back to visit him haha. His mom really felt the Spirit at the baptism. We're working on her next. I'm just so happy Eric is baptized now. He's going to be such an example to his family. :)

We finished up our exchanges this last week. There are two companionships of hermanas in Lexington, so we exchanged them both last week. I love Lexington! Wish I could've served there! I just miss being in the city where there's tons of people to talk to outside, whether it's hot or cold. I am so grateful that I get to work with so many wonderful hermanas. I learn so many things from their examples, and I'm grateful I get to pass on some "wisdom" to them before I go. It's been humbling and inspiring being a leader and getting to help the hermanas catch the vision and become the missionary and people Heavenly Father needs and wants them to be. We have the BEST mission.... I will take on anyone else who disagrees. ;) haha. I really do love my mission. Go GKLM!!!

Today is transfers, but we didn't go because Hermana Graham and I are staying together another transfer!!! WOO! I am SO grateful for that. Hermana Graham is my soul sister!!! I know we were meant to be friends. We just get each other, and I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for letting us be companions. We learn so much from each other every day. It's inspiring and motivating. I love her to death!!! She goes home in 6 weeks, so I'm just grateful I get her for her final 2 transfers.

I guess my greatest fear after leaving the mission is not being able to feel the Spirit as much as I do now. I am constantly aware of how surrounded I am by the Spirit all the time because I can feel the stark difference when it leaves. I want to be as close to the Spirit as possible after my mission. It's worth anything to keep by me at all times. Help a sister out yall!

Well, I am going to get heading out since we don't have a ton of time today. Just know that I'm happy, content, and peaceful about everything right now. I love everyone and everything!!! It's a peace that can only be found in the Gospel. I love it. :)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Hermana Porter

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