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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Hellooooooooooooo todos!!!

My goodness it is cold! But it's ok because I've discovered what Biscoff is, and I'm in 7th Heaven. Mmmm :)

This week went pretty well! We had two exchanges with some wonderful hermanas. I learn so much from every exchange I go on. What a privilege! Everyone is so different, and I've seen how my experiences have been able to help some of the hermanas. I even got a thank you note from one of them the other day! :) I just love being an STL. Plus my companion is amazing! I really don't know what I would've done if I wasn't her companion! I am SO grateful for her. Gah! Hermana Graham rocks!

This week was really busy. On Monday evening we went to a mall (my first time ever on my mission...weird) before going to the mission home. All the STLs (8 of us) spent the night in the mission home and helped Sister Brough with dinner and taking down the Christmas decorations. We even got to sit at the dinner table and talk to President about some issues the mission is facing. It was so great! Then the next day all the Zone Leaders came for our Mission Leadership Council, and I felt like I was sitting in a the hall of Greats. It was ridiculous but wonderful. I was kind of wondering, "Uh, what am I doing here?" But it was an amazing 7 hour meeting. I was very inspired and motivated to help and improve. Both President and the APs trained us. The AP training was my favorite. We talked about how we can help self-motivate other missionaries. Then they gave us STLs a talk entitled "The Belief Window" by Hyrum W. Smith. WOW. It has changed by LIFE! You can't find the audio online, but I'm going to have to copy it and bring it home for yall cause it's amazing.

So that was fun! We then had an exchange with the Hurstbourne hermanas, and then we had another exchange on Saturday with the Paris hermanas. It was pretty fun! :) We also had to do a training in a Zone Meeting, so that was crazy. We trained the zone on how to drop investigators who aren't progressing. It was pretty funny and spiritual. :)

OH! And we're having a BAPTISM this Saturday!!! Eric is a 9 year old we've been teaching, and he's so ready for baptism! His sister Brianna (11) got baptized in November. It's going to be great! I feel like a proud mom! :) He knows it all! And just when you think he's not retaining much, he blurts it all out and you realize, "Yep, he's definitely ready." haha.

I just love the mission. I really really really do. I feel so lucky and privileged and blessed. I am so inspired and love the Spirit. I just love this Gospel! I just want to give it to everyone!!!! Everyone within reading distance of my email, GO ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be the best thing you ever do!!!!!! I am just filled with too much love and happiness and inspiration. I've gotta go share it!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Hermana Porter

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