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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Helloooooo World!
Sorry I'm emailing a day late! They switched our pday today because we are going to the TEMPLE today!!!!!!!!!! Woo!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Bring on the revelation!!!!!!!!!!

SO! It's freezing cold! It snowed this weekend when I was in Louisville on an exchange (I was in Hikes! My old area!). That was quite the interesting day because we literally walked all over town for about 4 hours...WHILE it was snowing. But hey, can't complain; at least I'm not serving in Minnesota or Alaska.... My companion is getting quite the kick out of me being from Arizona. She's keeping a quote book of all the things I say about the cold. For example, the other night it was about 45 degrees out, and we were cleaning the windows of the car and I asked, "Is this going to freeze?" :P You never know!
We have experienced some pretty awesome miracles this last week. We are teaching these two elderly sisters here in Shelbyville whose daughter/niece in Ohio just got baptized two or three years ago and is now being a great member missionary (from afar). It's great! Their names are Mary and Nancy, and they are both so receptive to the gospel. It's amazing! And then we met this other new lady, Hortensia, on the street the other day. I felt like we should walk from the library to the Mexican restaurant where our next lesson was going to be, and we ran into Hortensia and her two kids. She had investigated about 5 years ago for quite a while, and now she's so receptive. Her first question to us was, "How does the Spirit work? And how can I recognize it?" Well well well let us tell you!! There's a whole chapter on that in Preach My Gospel! ;) She's Pentecostal, so she's got a VERY different perspective on how the Spirit works, but she's open and wants to know!
One thing I've learned as a missionary is how church will be as a mother someday. Goodness, Sundays are not a day of rest out here! We have to wrangle in the investigators, and some of recent converts happen to be kids, so we have to make sure they stay OFF the tables in Primary and stay INSIDE the building at all times. It's a workout!!! I have a new-found respect for mothers.... Phew!
Well, time sure is winding down. I don't know whether to panic or just stay calm...problem is, I try to stay calm, but inside I'm freaking out. Oh well. Life keeps going on! I'm enjoying every second I have out. Although I've really been doubting myself lately, especially my ability to follow the Spirit, I know I can keep moving forward and working on my weaknesses. I love being a missionary. It's the best thing I could've done. EVER. I love my life right now. Cherish every moment, even the hard ones!!!
Read your Book of Mormon yall! Keep on truckin'! Love yall!

Hermana Porter

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