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Monday, November 3, 2014

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It was a pretty good week in contrast to the one before!

So we went to transfers on Tuesday. That was so fun!!! I got 2 packages and a bit of mail in the office, and then I got to see old companions and other missionary buddies. So refreshing!! Hermana Gamett got to reopen my last area of Hikes!!! Which is so awesome because I love Hikes! She's there with another greenie who just got done with training. Hopefully they can manage alright with talking to the Cubans! 

My new comp is Hermana Bennett from Idaho Falls, Idaho! She is awesome! We get along so well! We have lots of the same interests. It's pretty easy to talk to her :) She just got done with her training in Lexington, so she's still pretty new to the mission. But she's great! We're doing a lot of great work together! :) I love her!

Anyway! On our way home from transfers, we stopped in Corydon to eat lunch, and we saw a couple of members there!!! I was so excited! It was Isidro & Roselia. They updated me on how everything and everyone is doing in my first area. They also told me they're having another baby! My face hurt from smiling so much that day. :D 

We've been super busy this week! We've been talking to everyone and have been having tons of awesome lessons...and some not-so-awesome. Some of our main, awesome, solid investigators up and moved to Georgia. :( They called us this morning, asking us to translate what their boss was saying to them in English. I talked to her for about 5 minutes, and turns out she was talking to them about how the need to accept Jesus and God to come live in their hearts or something like that.... It was bizarre. Is it bad I didn't translate all of what she said? haha. I told them to send me their address so we can send missionaries there. hehe ;) 

It's interesting how when you start working harder and being even more obedient, Satan starts working harder too. We've had a lot of people give us pretty weird answers to questions we ask them. It's weird. But it's a learning experience. It's nice to be able to answer most of their questions. I'm just a little frustrated though because nobody will commit, or after we explain it all to them and are very thorough about it all, they STILL don't seem to get it... I don't know what to do! We're explaining it the best we can! It just seems we never can find them after the first visit to follow up with them.... and it seems like all the hispanics here are being like that. :/ Bah. We're working on it! 

Otherwise life is good! It's been a good week! I love my new companion, the work is moving along, and although we have little setbacks here and there, we're learning and growing and loving every minute of it! :) I've been very thankful that I've been able to refocus on the work with this new companion. Although things have been pretty rough with Dad and everything, I feel like Heavenly Father's giving me a gift by letting me be focused on the work and doing my best. There's still so much more to do these next 5 months, and I'm excited to work!! :) 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Porter

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