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Monday, November 10, 2014

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This last week wasn't very eventful, but we did see some miracles. :) We taught two more less-active members the 15 Step Stop-Smoking program, so now we have 3 new non-smokers in the Church. It's a good feeling. I feel like a lot of my purpose here in Owensboro was to help reactivate a few women here, specifically to get them to quit smoking. So far Karen is as active as can be and is going on week 12 of no-smoking. Liz is in the midst of quitting, and she's doing amazing. We also taught another woman, Cynthia, and I think she's doing great. Even though I couldn't teach it to Dad, I could teach it to a few people out here and see them have success and feel the Spirit more in their lives. 

My companion and I get along so well! She's SO talented! She can draw, paint, sing, play four different instruments, and is just all-around wonderful. Makes me want to develop my talents even more when I go home. :) 

Yesterday we had a big missionary program in sacrament meeting. I was the first speaker. I spoke about home and visiting teaching. I didn't want to throw-down on anyone, especially since that'd drive away the Spirit. Instead, I tried to inspire and focus on why we do home and visiting teaching and the importance of it. I got several compliments after, and Brother Fedor even told me I "hit the nail right on the head" with it. Yay! One of the elders spoke after me...he took a very bad approach to it. He basically told the branch they were terrible members. :/ Then my comp and two elders sang "Because I Have Been Given Much", and then the final elder spoke and saved the day. His talk was on conversion. It was so good!!! Overall it was a nice program. I really enjoy speaking! 

The temperature is getting cooler, all the leaves are changing color and falling off, and all my winter clothes are now out. Our apartment is FREEZING. We have a little space heater that we turn on for an hour before we go to bed, but by morning the temperature is back down to 60 degrees in the house. BRRRR. But we're surviving. :) Happy are we!

I'm learning more and more in this area that my purpose perhaps wasn't to baptize anyone. We have found some amazing people, and they are progressing slowly but surely, but I'm sure the fruit will be harvested from my work here in the coming transfers. I'm ok with that. I feel I have done the work I needed to do here (and will be doing more these next few weeks!), and I'm grateful the Lord put me here in Owensboro. He's put people into my life that I needed at this time in my mission to comfort me, teach me, help me and serve me. In turn, I'm forever grateful I've been able to learn, teach, and watch people change. I am excited to apply all this in my life when I get home. I want to be the member who uplifts, inspires, serves and changes lives. I want to be of service wherever I am. I want to follow the Savior and be His hands here. What a privilege it is to be called of God and to use up our lives in His service. 

Lots of love!

Hermana Porter

P.S. Some guy told me he liked my Spanish yesterday. He said I have a good accent. YAY! #13monthsinthemaking

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