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Monday, December 15, 2014

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To start off, I think I'm allergic to ham. Ugh.

But my new area is awesome!!! I'm in Shelbyville, KY, which is just outside of Louisville. We teach in both English and Spanish, and we're working with some pretty amazing people right now. Hermana Graham and Hermana Binks have done some great work here. I hope I can keep up with her! This week we're going to start going on exchanges. We're going back to Owensboro this weekend--woohoo! But the Capeners will be out of town.... :(

Saying goodbye to Owensboro wasn't as hard knowing that I'd be back. This week has been pretty crazy. Transfer Meeting on Tuesday was pretty fun. Afterward we got lunch, and then when we got home we jumped right into planning our exchanges. It's going to be a fun transfer! As an STL, we got on exchanges with 11 other areas of Spanish hermanas. Somedays I'll be in Shelbyville, and somedays I'll be in other areas. I'm really excited!

We saw a few miracles this week too. We're teaching this guy, Matt, and his wife Brittany, who's pregnant with their first kid. He just lost his job this week, and he's really worried since they have a baby on the way. The member we brought with us was great! She said she had gone through the same exact thing a year before. Totally inspired! Matt agreed to be baptized! :)

Then last night we went to go visit our main progressing investigator, and that ended up being a very dramatic visit. He lives with some members who are pretty....well, anti-Mormon now, and they flipped out on us for coming over. And poor Julio didn't want any conflict....ay ay ay! Satan's working hard, but God's always stronger!!

I'm so excited to be able to work here with such an awesome companion and with all the hermanas. It's going to be an amazing few months! I'll be STL until I go home in April I think. My companion goes home just a transfer before me. Hermana Graham is amazing. She's seriously perfect. I love her to death!!

Life is good everyone! Keep moving forward and share your testimony with everyone you meet!!! Love you!!

Hermana Porter

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