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Monday, December 22, 2014

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Hey Yall!
This is going to be short because we just got home from a Christmas conference!!! I just want to send a quick update about my week!
First off, I looooooove being a Sister Training Leader!!! I get to work with all the hermanas in the mission and see all the different areas. I'm so excited! I had my first exchanges as an STL this last Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went to Evansville, and I worked with a new hermana. She's struggling a bit, but it's amazing that I could give her tons of advice because I struggled with a few of the same things she's struggling with now.

Then on Saturday I got to go back to Owensboro!!! It was so good to see everyone! It's all in good hands there :) I got to see Karen! She's the 63 year old that I helped to quit smoking. She cried when I walked in the room. :') Then we worked with Fernando and few other Less-Actives I knew before. I love Owensboro!
Tomorrow I will be in Louisville, probably on a bike all day in the rain. Should be fun!!! Wish me luck!

Today we went to a mission conference. All the missionaries in the mission were there! It was sooo fun! We had a fun program, games, and lunch. I love seeing and socializing with everyone. We have some pretty amazing missionaries here in the GKLM. I am among great men and women here. :) I wish I could send you the videos I recorded, but it'll have to wait!
I am grateful for my amazing companion, Hermana Graham. She uplifts, edifies and inspires me so much! This is the best companionship I have ever been in. I am so grateful for the goals she's helping me to set and for the person she is inspiring me to be. We have the best conversations all the time. AHHH I just think she's the greatest! we are both trying to be more and more obedient each day so we and others can receive blessings!!
Ok I am going to end here since I will be Skyping yall on Thursday!! I'll have more to tell you then! :D I will call you later tonight to set up a time on Thursday, so be ready! :D ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LES QUIERO MUCHISIMO!

Hermana Porter

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