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Monday, April 14, 2014

It's getting warmer!

What a week!
I have plenty of stories to share with yall! Let me share the miracle stories, then I'll share some other stuff we did this week.
Monday we were out tracting after p-day ended, and Hermana Wilkinson wanted to go tract a certain set of apartments, and I thought, "I doubt there are any hispanics there, but ok." And we knocked on this lady's door, and she let us in to talk with her, and it was just the best night ever. She was super Catholic and not interested in becoming Mormon (haha), but she had some of the greatest faith-building stories ever! We had a great night!
Tuesday we met another Jeanne on the street while we were waiting for Josue to get to the library, and she rattled off her whole life story to us for 30 minutes. I didn't understand half of it, but at the end she said, "You just put sunshine into my heart, ladies. I had a bad feeling before and some bad thoughts, but now you made me feel better." :)
Wednesday we met this part-Indian lady named Phyllis Wolfe, and she shared some amazing stories too about her parents passing away and how our Spirits live on forever. After the conversation ended, she said, "I'm sure glad I stopped and talked to you! I saw you two walking by and just thought, 'I need to talk to them.' " Isn't that sweet?!
Thursday, we had a really cool experience. Some of our plans fell through, so we decided to try some potentials, and I found this one guy's name (we'll just call him Juan) and I thought, "I've heard plenty about this guy, but we've never actually met him." So we decided to try the address, and it took us to a "ritzier" neighborhood, and we again thought, "There are no hispanics here...." Plus we could NOT find the address for the life of us. Right where the house should be, there was nothing. It was confusing us, so we stopped for a bit at a stop sign and looked at more potentials. Then this older man walked by and waved at us, and we couldn't decide if he was hispanic or not. I felt like we needed to turn around and go talk to him, but Hermana Wilkinson didn't want to. I just told her we should just ask him if the address we were looking for was around here. So we drove up to him and contacted him through the car window, and lo and behold, it was this Juan guy we were looking for! Somehow we had missed the big boulder in his front yard with the house number and his last name written on it.... Doy! We got a return appt. with him and his family. :) Woo!!
Then Friday...this one's cool too. We had 5 minutes before we had to meet someone for an appt, so we went contacting. I just thought, "Eh, we only have time to walk around the block, there won't really be anybody." And then we got to the corner where we had to turn left towards the liquor store. I thought, "Oh boy, we've had interesting experiences contacting outside that liquor store, I hope nobody comes out of there...." And we walked by...nothing. So we kept walking, but then something told me to turn around, so I did, and there was this guy, Matt, waving at us! Matt ran out of the bar a few weeks ago and asked what Hermana Lawrence and I were doing, and then we got his number to refer to the Elders and then talked about the Plan of Salvation a little bit. Since then I've randomly seen him and he always says hi. So this night, he comes over and starts talking to us, then says, "Can we all go sit on a bench over there and talk?" We ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation with him a little more and read in Alma 40 in the Book of Mormon (his mom, friend, and aunt have all passed away recently). And he's meeting with the elders this week! It's wonderful! I just felt like there was something about him. He's only 24, and he just seems like a good guy. A little drunk most of the time, but he's a good guy! I'm excited for him!
It was just amazing this week that something happened almost every day that just made us think, "We're doing exactly what we need to be doing." Whether it's tracting, contacting for 5 minutes, or just trying to find old investigators, as long as you're doing what you've planned to do and show your faith by doing it, you'll have little miracles here and there. It was great!
ALSO! We have two new investigators now! We had an awesome lesson with Maria Elena this week. Josue helped us teach her (he's doing awesome, btw). She came to church yesterday and bore her testimony! She said she had been praying for church that she would feel something and be able to understand, and she told us that she felt it and that she was excited to learn. Then there's also Noe, who is a guy who almost got baptized 4 or 5 years ago but ditched out the night before. We've been teaching him English, and this week he said he'd allow us to teach him again. Woo!! AND! William (our Cuban who has a bap date for May 24) hasn't been drinking for a week!! This is a HUGE miracle!!
Needless to say this week was great :) I feel like Heavenly Father knows that our area is struggling as far as the teaching pool goes, but we've been putting forth the effort to find more people, and He's definitely blessing us by strengthening the gators we do have and helping us find more. It's amazing!
We had Zone Meeting on Friday in New Albany. It was all about following up and working with members. Loved it! Then Saturday, President gave us permission to go to Thunder Over Louisville, so we went to that! It was SO fun and cool to watch! It was basically a huge fireworks show over the Ohio River right across from Louisville. It was really neat. Best fireworks show I've ever seen! Then yesterday we had to go back to Louisville for a charla (fireside). Lots of driving! But I got to see HERMANA LAWRENCE!!! I was SO SO SO happy and excited to see her! I miss her to death!!
One last thing (this is a long email....sorry). I talked to President Woodbury last night at the charla, and I told him I felt like I was doing a lot better with Spanish and with the area, and he said, "The Sister Training Leaders all tell me you're doing great--just a little hard on yourself, which is good sometimes. But you're doing great." Then he emailed me last week and said, "Being assigned to a young companion only six weeks more experienced than you 1) will force you to grow more quickly spiritually and in language and 2) evidence my faith and trust in both you and Sister Wilkinson." :) We love President Woodbury! I can't believe he only has two transfers left :(
But anywho! Such is life! The Church is true!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Porter

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