Returning Home!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Buenos dias todos!!!!

So it looks like I'm here in Owensboro for at least another 6 weeks! The only thing changing here is that Elder Holt is leaving -- sad! I enjoy Owensboro. Fun stuff! 

It's been a pretty normal week for us here. Karen is on Day 15 of no smoking! :) She's doing great! We also found a new girl, Anayeli, who we're really excited about. Jenny's bap date got moved closer, so hopefully that all goes well! But the saddest thing of my life happened this week... Martin dropped us. Or rather, we had to drop him. We had the most amazing lesson with him Thursday night. We read 2 Nefi 33 and basically gave him his last chance, and he ultimately gave it all up. He said, "It's like you're trying to throw water on a dead tree, trying to revive it." I cried most of the way home that night. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. :( I hope he gets it someday. I can't do justice to what all happened that night.... Sad :( 

Brother Fedor, our Branch Mission Leader, told us a bunch of mission stories last night, and he taught us how to teach Lesson 1 (The Restoration) using a timeline of information. WOW. I can't wait to show you all when I get home cause it blows your mind. I just gotta tell ya -- the Church is true! 

Funny story of the week: I'm going to title this one "Only in Kentucky..."

We were visiting a family that's been going less-active lately, and we were just talking to their 15 year old daughter about her baptism a couple years ago, and as we were talking I was kind of looking around her house at all the pictures and books and whatnot, and lo and behold, what do I see sitting there on the ground? A DEAD SQUIRREL. I did a double take and said, "Uhhh, is that a dead squirrel?" And she just looked at it, shrugged like it was nothing out of the ordinary and said, "Yeah, sometimes the cats will bring those or dead birds in the house" and then just resumed talking like normal. I was freaking out!!! A dead SQUIRREL! Ughhhh. Too funny. 

This transfer I set up a contacting challenge between us 3 companionships here in Owensboro. Our contacting has sucked this last month, so we're going to step it up and have a competition. WOO! 

Overall this last week was just having to learn a lot more patience, tolerance, diligence, hard work .... all the Christlike attributes outlines in Ch. 6 of PMG. :) I'm learning slowly but surely. I sure hope Heavenly Father continues to have patience with me. I sure need it. 

I hope all is well at home still! Keep me updated on all yalls lives! LOVE YOU!

Hermana Porter

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