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Monday, September 8, 2014

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First off, I am SO excited for David & Melissa!!!! Yay for a new baby!!!! :D I also heard this morning that Kate Middleton and Prince William are having another baby too!! WOO!!!!

This last week was a LOT better than the one before. I started Thursday off by receiving a phone call from the mission president. He just said he wanted to make sure I was ok and offered some comfort/help. He told me of a time on his mission in England that he felt the same exact way I felt. I really needed to hear what he told me. I'm so grateful for mission presidents! Especially for President Brough. Mission presidents are great men.

The biggest miracle that happened this last week was that Karen, a less active lady we have been working with for months, QUIT SMOKING!!! We did the 15 Step Stop Smoking program with her on Wednesday and she hasn't smoked since! (She actually hasn't smoked since the Sunday before, so it's been over a week now!) She's staying strong and telling all her friends about it! We even hung up little signs all over her apartment and on her door, and people actually stop in and ask her what they're all about. They want us to teach a seminar at the activities center there in the retirement home. haha. We're going back on Tuesday (tomorrow) to teach one of her friends now! :D AND! Turns out that friend is another less active lady we didn't know about! Karen is amazing. She tells me to tell my family every week "Thank you" for letting me be here. She is a sweet heart. I'm glad we can help her get one step closer to making it back to Heavenly Father without any addictions. :) I love this work!

As for the work of teaching and finding new investigators, we found a lot of great people this last week, both for us and for the elders. We've had some great people put in our path. The only problem is, we find these people, teach them the Restauracion and then never can find them again. It's kind of a bummer! But we're still working hard and talking to everyone. I feel a lot better now this week. Although I'm still working on overcoming some problems, it's getting better. I love the mission. I wonder sometimes why Heavenly Father blesses me so much when I obviously am not the most perfect child. He teaches me how to be a better trainer.

Unfortunately, we lost all of our main investigators except for Jenny. Erasmo came to Owensboro this weekend and totally ditched out on church and now won't answer his phone. We're giving him a break for a while. We're also dropping Martin this week, and Gerardo is moving to a different state to work today. UGH! Sometimes it's so frustrating working with Hispanics who are only here to work, but I have to remember that we need to at least plant the seed whenever we get the opportunity. We're always finding new people.

I have been so blessed to know and meet the people here in Owensboro. I love the Capener family. They really take care of us! Sister Capener is the best example -- so loving and giving! And Brother Capener gives us free adjustments. He fixed my legs this week. (My black walking shoes weren't as wonderful as they advertised to be >:( grrr.) And I also love Karen, Sister Trego, Paula, the Inmans, the Wilsons.... I love them all! This area is full of wonderful people that I couldn't imagine living life without. :)

This week has been full of tender mercies. Lots of them that I can't even begin to list them. I feel everyone's prayers, and I thank you a million times over. Prayer is powerful. God is so aware of each and every one of us and our circumstances. Although we may doubt it or forget it sometimes, He is always there. And as is repeated in the Book of Mormon many times, His arm of mercy is always extended towards us if we will only repent and come to Him. More often than not, we keep ourselves from Him, not the other way around. Be repentant, humble and willing to do as He asks, and He will guide you for good.

I love you all!!!! Have a great semana! :)

Hermana Porter

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