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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Guess who has a baptism date?! :D YEP YEP! JOSUE! This is exciting news y'all! He's praying about it this week, but we're sure it'll happen!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Monday we didn't have pday since it was MLK Jr day, so we decided to schedule an appt. with Josue. And the weather happened to be a warm 52 degrees out. So we had a lesson outside with him, and it went perfectly. I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father set that one up because it couldn't have been more perfect! He was a little against it, but we persisted with patience and he finally agreed to pray about it for a week. We know it'll be happening soon. Josue is just there. He just needs to take that step. I am so excited for him! Our little Josue!!! :D This is what missionary work is about!
Aside from Josue getting baptized soon, I got hit on the other day.
The Elders here have been working with this less-active guy who reminds me a LOT of Sean Simpson (except he has Batman earrings), and I have only met him twice (once on the street and once at church). He called us the other night (no clue how he got our number) and decided it would be a good idea to confess his love for me. He told me (listen to this one) that I was worth waiting 10 years for and that I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Woof. I told him thanks and awkwardly hung up. I can't escape it!
We got a lot of snow this week. We got some over the weekend, it all melted on Monday, and then we got a TON on Tuesday morning. It was nice n windy too. :) Bundlin' up! Your face freezes up pretty fast out here.
Otherwise, nothing too crazy has been happening. Just workin workin workin, trying to speak Spanish :) I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm progressing much, but I just have to remember that I am learning day by day. I just hope I'm learning at the rate Heavenly Father wants me to learn. I keep thinking how fast time is flying.... TOO FAST.
My companion served in this area in Louisville where a ton of Cubans are (there's a Cuban refuge in Louisville I think), and I kind of want to go there sometime on my mission. Who knows where I'll go these next few months, but I think serving in the city would be awesome. We'll see!
OH! Also! We had a little youth fireside on Sunday night, and all four of us missionaries here got to speak. The elders spoke first, then me and then my companion. It was awesome! I don't know why I felt so nervous, but I just wanted to make sure I was speaking positively and from the heart yknow? I think it went ok! We have some awesome missionaries out here! I can't believe I'm a part of this missionary force that is helping move the work of the Lord forward. It's flying by way too fast, but I'm in awe at how marvelous the Lord is! Sometimes I wonder if I'm making a difference, but then I look at how much the work here in Corydon is changing, and I am in awe at how the Lord works in such small and simple ways. YAY FOR MISSIONARY WORK! Everyone needs to be a missionary! One thing I am learning from my mission is that I will never be the same member I was before. I am going to be involved in missionary work foreverrrrrrrrr. I don't want to be someone who never wants to go on Member Present Lessons or who doesn't feed the missionaries. I know now how to be a better wife and mother and family member. I will have a missionary-centered family!
Oh! Tell Robbie & Michelle CONGRATS!! Baby Easton is so cute!! :D I can't wait to meet him next year! Also, tell Sean Simpson that I want to be a part of the wedding too....maybe I can be the flower girl.
Until next week!

Hermana Porter

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