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Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Step in the Snow!

I thought I knew cold when I moved to Provo. 

And then I moved to Kentucky. 


We had quite the week with weather! On Monday, we were lucky and got to email because our apartment complex has a computer. But most missionaries didn't get to email until Thursday or Friday because of all the crazy weather we got. It snowed ALL DAY Monday (10 inches!) and then again all day Wednesday...and we had to drive in it! Luckily my companion drove...because I'm from Arizona and don't know how. :p We had a meeting 30 minutes from where we live that we had to give a training at, and it took us a good hour and 15 minutes to get there Wednesday morning because of the snow. 

To make matters worse, it got up to 40 degrees on Saturday, so everything started to melt, and then it started to rain. Everything turned to pure slush, and I got to learn it the hard way! We were knocking doors on 10th Street, and I started walking into this yard, but as soon as I stepped into the snow, it turned into a deep pit of black water up to the middle of the calf. And I kept walking into it, thinking "I'll hit the sidewalk any second now!" BUT NO! There's nothing colder than soaking wet boots and 10 degree weather friends. BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! 

Aside from all the "fun" weather problems, we had a pretty good week. Gave a training at Zone Meeting, had an exchange with the Corydon hermanas, got lost driving in Louisville again, and saw a couple of cool miracles. We also pushed a few cars out of the snow and cleaned windshields for people. Monday night we had to go work without a car, so we were walking around trying to talk to people, but there was literally no one outside...except for some gym buffs trying to dig their way into the gym on Main St. That was an interesting conversation. 

ANYWAY! Kentucky is great! I have to tell myself, "I'm from Alaska! I love the snow! I love the cold! I loooove it!" everyday when I go outside...and it kind of works!'s my final week with Hermana Graham. She's going home in a week! :( I'm going to miss her! I don't know who my new companion will be, but I'll know by next Monday! AH! Then it's my last transfer....... just push it under the rug, I don't need to think about it yet! 

Keep on truckin' yall, and keep us in your prayers! I'll do the same! Love you!!!!

Hermana Porter

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