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Monday, September 1, 2014


It's been kind of a rough week for everyone it sounds like! I know it was here. This whole training business is intense. My trainer always said that training makes you more aware of all your weaknesses because you're trying to teach your greenie to be the best. But you realize you need to step up on a few things. I realized patience is a virtue I will be trying to develop my entire life. Patience not only with myself but with others' imperfections or habits. 

I'm also having to learn that I can't do it all on my own. This last week was spent searching for people, but nobody would answer their doors. Then the appointments we did have either got cancelled or they weren't there. There was more than one night this week that I came home feeling like nothing got accomplished. Not for lack of trying though! We have been knocking, talking to people, setting appointments, teaching lessons.... but nothing's biting the bait! I've come home almost every night this week frustrated with myself, wondering why this didn't go well or why that didn't go through. I'm trying to give my greenie hope and opportunities to teach and learn, but for some reason the adversary has been working hard on the people here. That just means we have to fight harder, right?

Thank you for your prayers though. I'm going to need lots of them in the coming months as we try to turn this area around. Our goal is to get the area's first baptism. We were planning Erasmo's for Sept. 6, but he's been out of town this last week and we won't be able to teach him until Sunday, and he hasn't been accomplishing his goals.... Won't go into detail, but the good news is he still wants to get baptized! It'll just be pushed back a bit. Maybe to my birthday weekend! Pray for Erasmo! 

Aside from all the negative stuff that's been getting us down, we did have some tender mercies and neat experiences happen this week. Let's list them! 

1. Erasmo called US after Church and asked us how church was and apologized that he was out of town, but he said he'd be there next week for sure. Awh! 

2. Karen, a less-active lady who's confined to a nursing home, quit smoking all on her own last week!!! She's been trying for a while, but she finally kicked it! She threw out all her cigarettes and ash trays and stopped! She said she broke down and had one after 5 days, but that it tasted disgusting and now she doesn't have the urge anymore. WOO! That's the power of the Book of Mormon!!! We have been reading it all the way through with her, and she just finished it last week! She says it's changed her life. I LOVE KAREN!

3. The Capeners are seriously the BEST. Sister Capener is just the best example of everything! Kindness, patience, selflessness, service, wonderfulness. I am SO glad they moved here. She helps me out a lot and encourages me when I'm down. And she feeds us ALL the TIME. And her husband is a chiropractor, so he gives us free adjustments whenever! Her kids are wonderful too! Her oldest daughter and I are practically twins. She LOVES horses and plans for how to buy one someday. And she wants to be a vet or a pro horse rider. :) So cute! 

Oh. We did have one experience this week that made me angry. There's this guy, let's call him Poohbear (his name is pronounced Oo-bear, but the elders think it's Poohbear), that we saw a lot of potential in. Well, we called to schedule something with him and he goes, "I have a question for you. What is this 'message' you go around preaching?" I told him, "It's a message about Jesus Christ." Then he proceeded to ask me questions about how we baptize, etc. He was quoting Bible references and saying this and that, and when I agreed with what he was saying, he would go, "Oh.... Well, I have another question for you." Then he went and asked me, "So, after your mission, you said you go back to school right?" I told him yes, and he replied, "Do you wear pants?" I said, "....yes. Why?" And he proceeded to say how wearing pants is against the Bible, that it says that women shouldn't look like men and vice versa. I almost said to him, "Excuse me, I saw your wife wearing pants the other day" but I didn't. I just let him talk and when he finished I said, "Look, do you want us to come by or no?" And he said, "...I'll call you when I have time." GRRR!!! Come to find out, he attends this one Pentecostal Church here that a lot of hispanics attend, and they all say/do the same things. They try throwing Bible references out, and when we agree with what they're saying, they get kind of taken back and try something else. It's ridiculous!! 

Pray for us here in Owensboro por favor! I'll do the same for you all! I hope everyone's weeks get better. Remember to find hope in the Atonement and to let Him change you! Without His help, we can do nothing. We can't become the people we want to become without Him because He is ultimately who we want to become like. Stay strong! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Porter

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