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Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Navidad!


Well, not much to report on my front this week! I got to see my familia this week! I loved it! I miss yall, and I'm so glad to see you're all doing well and are still alive! :D I'm sad to hear about the Vick family.... I hope everything is ok for them. That's so sad to hear... :( Also, Congrats to Mikey, and to Scott, and to Ashley Burgess on their marriages! How awesome! :) AND CONGRATS TO CHRISSY AND JOHN!! :D
Christmas was great here! I didn't get homesick like I thought I would! We had lots of families fighting over us haha. We went to the Van Uiterts after District Meeting, and the daughters made us all stockings! Then we played games and had dinner and just talked. It was so fun. Then later we went to the Blackburns, where we had another dinner and got gifts from them! They were so sweet! Then we skyped :) And that was our Christmas!

In Mexico, they celebrate the 24th, which is called La Noche Buena, so lots of our investigators wanted us to hang with them on the 24th. We went to an investigators house and learned how to make ponche :) YUM.

Thanks so much for the gifts! I love them!! And thanks to David & Melissa for sending me some PJs and socks. I LOVE THEM. haha. I love socks. I officially have a drawer just for socks.
So I was sick these last few days, which was no fun. It's just a cold, but woof, I felt like I got hit by a truck yesterday. Then I had to go to Church and give a talk in sacrament and teach two classes....that was fun :) haha. It was so nerve-wracking. My Spanish stinks still, but the members were nice and told me I know quite a lot for just having been in the field for a month. I love Hispanics!
Yesterday we started tracting a new area, and some lady came out of her trailer and started talking to us just as we were walking by, and she ended up telling us that she was looking for a family-oriented church that she could take her family to... WELL WELL WELL. I think she came to the right people! haha. It was a neat experience :)
Funny story! Last night I fell asleep on my knees for over an hour. I started praying at like 10:26, and next thing I know I see my comp getting into bed, and I just started praying, thinking "oh, the alarm must have gone off and it's time to get up"...but I was SO tired, and I looked at the clock and it was 11:38.... I was so confused, and my knees hurt.... ayayay. The life of a missionary!
Hmmmm what else.... we've just been out exploring the area this week, trying to use up our monthly miles. Honestly, we're trying to find where all the other Spanish-speakers are in the area. We need new people to teach. We have our normal teaching pool, but we're having to do a lot more finding this week. Corydon is a hard area because there aren't a lot of Spanish-speakers that we haven't taught.
Well, that's all the info I have for yall this week. Just that my area is awesome, and I don't ever wanna leave, aaaand we have great people here :) I just wish I knew Spanish already! I can't wait to be at that spot where I can say what I want to say without a second thought. But I have to learn to enjoy where I am as much as I can, as hard as it is. I only get to be a greenie once, right?
LOVE YALL! :) Oh, and thank you to the Lindseys for the Christmas picture! They have the cutest kids ever. Thank you for thinking of me! AND Ashley M! Thanks for the Christmas stuff! Love ya girlllll :D
Hermana Porter

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