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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ay Chamacos!

Hola hola hola y'all!
What a fun week! So, we had Zone Meeting last Wednesday. It was like Zone Conference, just without President or the APs. We had a few trainings from the Zone Leaders, Elder Whitehead and Elder Loser, and we had lunch and an activity where we were assigned to teach one of the five lessons in seven minutes. It was rough going because I have never practiced it in English. We never got all the way through (we had to teach it like seven times), but it was good! Learned a lot! I love meetings!
Thursday I was on an exchange in Shelbyville, KY with one of the Hermana Training Leaders. Her name is Hermana Marsden, and she's actually cousins with my friend Shelby Marsden!! How funny! We had a good day. She's really good at talking to everyone she sees. There was this guy was running down the street, and she decided we needed to contact him. We stopped him and started talking to him in English (he looked white!) but quickly found out he only spoke Spanish. We talked to him for a minute and found out his sister is a member down in Mexico! Woohoo! :) We also helped this other couple plan their wedding for the next day. That was weird but good. Yay for marriage and not breaking the Law of Chastity!
Friday.... haha. We were at Walmart getting stuff for a dinner that we were going to make that night (more about that in a minute), and I saw a middle-aged lady in a Dale Jr. jacket. I see people with NASCAR jackets on all the time, but I decided to ask her if she was a Jr. fan that time, and as soon as I said it she got all giddy like a schoolgirl about it. It was so cute and funny. She loooooved Jr.

Anywho, that night we made dinner for Josue, Emmanuel, and Lizbet. That was intimidating. Mexicans are such good cooks. We wanted to make them something good because they always cook for us, and it was Valentine's Day (day of friendship and love in Spanish), so we made them food. They didn't die! Speaking of Josue, he's doing ok. Just trying to get him to make a decision about his baptism!
Thhheeeennnnn Saturday was the dreaded transfer call day. President calls you in the morning if you're training or being put into a leadership position, then in the afternoon he calls you if you're being transferred. Luckily we didn't get any calls, but Elder Johnson is leaving Corydon! It was a huge shock to us! He's in the middle of training his greenie, and he's getting switched somewhere else to finish training another greenie. Then Elder Edwards, our District Leader, is training. It's so crazy! I'm staying in Cordyon with my mom for another 6 weeks. I'm all done with my training! Woo! It feels weird to be a normal missionary now.
The language is coming more now. I can understand everything that's being said now (except sometimes I can't get a few of the words and I miss the whole meaning of what's being said....) and can basically express myself. This whole gift of tongues is neat. I never imagined how it would work, but it's coming! I can answer the phone now and talk to people. I just need a little more time to get where I can be 100% comfortable in it. Hermana Lawrence says that'll happen around my 6 month mark -- which, by the way, I hit my 4 months last Sunday!
Crazy how time is flying!

So yep yep yep! All is well! Just teaching and preaching and learning. There's always so much to learn. I was telling Hermana Marsden last week that the mission has taught me, if anything, how the rest of my life is going to go. I'm seeing more of the world and how I want my life to be. I'm learning how to rely on the Lord and be obedient, and I'm definitely learning how I want to raise my family in the future. Life's not what it used to be for me, I feel like. I can't unsee it the way I'm seeing it now. I can't imagine not being a missionary.... I don't want to think about it! You may need to bring up the RMTC idea to the First Presidency for me....
Anywho. I love you all! Keep on keepin' on!
Hermana Porter

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