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Monday, May 12, 2014

Adios Corydon :(

Welp. I'm shipping out of Corydon. :( It's really bittersweet! I've been crying on and off the past couple days just thinking about it. On one hand, I'm excited to go, but on the other hand, I'm going to miss these people to death. Ugh. It's so hard! I just love these people too much! A year ago, I didn't even have my mission call yet. I actually think I put my papers in a year ago today. But I never imagined that I would be here, in little old Corydon, Indiana, and that these people would be such a huge part of my life.
William got baptized this last Saturday! He's SO happy! He was a happy camper this weekend. The baptism went really well. Lots of people came, and he was just happy as ever. :) Had a little lunch afterward, then it started raining and we got soaked. Overall a really fun day. Except I got the transfer call right after the baptism. I'm glad I didn't get it before. Then Sunday he got confirmed! The confirmation was so precious. Heavenly Father has a lot in store for our little Cuban! :) He and Josue are doing well. I'm excited to hear all about them during and after the mission.
We've been doing a whole lot of saying goodbye to members this weekend. Tonight is jam packed. We have dinner with Josue, I have to go say goodbye to the Van Uiterts, and then after, Presidente Chavez and his family are going to have another dinner and activity for us. BUSY!!! I still have to pack!!! I'm almost done.
I've learned a TON here in Corydon. I'm glad I started my mission here. These people have really set great examples for me as to what it means to be a member missionary. They are fantastic. Corydon had its little difficulties, but I'm just so happy I got to be here to see two baptisms after a long drought. I hope the new hermana really loves it as much as I did. Corydon is a special place, that's for sure. It'll be my first stop when I come back to visit. :)
I actually don't have a ton of time today since we have to go do a million more things, but I will write a nice email next week all about my new area. :) I'm so grateful for all yalls support!! LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Porter

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