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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mission Survival Guide

I was crafty this week!

On one of my super-productive Pinterest sessions a few weeks ago, I found a great idea.  A future Sister made a Mission Survival Guide, and I just loved the idea.  It included workouts, recipes, and those picture-a-day things. I was going to make a quote book anyway, so I added in quotes and an area for addresses/emails.  

My first attempt didn't go so well.  I tried using a composition notebook, but it was too big... bleh.

SO.  I bought a new notebook.  Here is the finished project!

It starts with quotes...

Then to recipes... I only have a few "recipes", which include leige waffles, Chic-fil-A nuggets, etc.

Then to fitness.... 

And the pic-a-day things...

It ends with addresses/emails of my friends/family to write while I'm gone.

I couldn't print any of the workouts or quotes or pic-a-day things from Pinterest, so I just drew them.  I think they turned out pretty cute! 

Anyway, I have less than a month now until I report to the Mexico MTC!  Time's winged chariot is hurrying near.  

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